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What jargon term annoys you the most? Why?
Get go

Why not just use from the start


as pretentious as "thought leader"


This message was left for colleagues when staff member was on a day off-"left message to call back"

Drop the Jargon Day

Surely we do not use this (jargon) to communicate with our clients in 2018. Everyday that we work with any of our clients should be NO jargon day.

Asylum Seekers

These are PEOPLE seeking asylum. We need to humanise these people esp in the current political climate.


Acute Resuscitation Plan - Patients and family do not know what it is. They get confused about end of life discussions and the plan of care.

Ambulatory Care

I have seen this on signs in health facilities! It is a word that has no meaning to community members.


People have no idea what it means.


We asked four patients what they thought it meant and three of the four said it was health staff chastising or disciplining them!


just say 'after the meeting' or at another time


Not sure what it means, something about power


Just a fancy word for effectiveness. Say effectiveness so people can understand what you're talking about.


It is inappropriate to group people like this - it is "othering", risking further discrimination. The diversity among people who don't speak English as a first language and/or who weren't born in Australia is too wonderfully broad to be encapsulated by one concept. We need to meet each person and each group where they are at and embrace diversity. As human beings we are more similar than different.

acute care

amongst patients they don't know what it is

patient centered care

everyone in healthcare says it. it means nothing


customers don't know what it means

Bulk billed

It has no literal meaning for patients, perhaps was developed by government in terms of how they pay doctors. In reality it means there is no fee for the appointment.


It's pretentious.


Its heart failure, for goodness sake, why can't we just say that?!


I actually don't know what it means

What jargon term annoys you the most? Why?
Displaying 61 - 80 of 96 1 2 3 4 5

Why should I pledge?


6 out of 10 of people in Australia have low health literacy.

Many Australians have trouble understanding and using information provided by organisations. They also have trouble navigating complicated systems like healthcare services.

When we use jargon, technical terms or acronyms, it is hard for people with low health literacy to understand and use information.

Drop the Jargon Day this year is on 23 October. Pledge and take part in activities at your workplace. Make it easy for people with low health literacy to get better information and outcomes from services they use.

Drop the Jargon 2018


**your signature**

171 signatures = 34% of goal

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Pledge to Drop the Jargon

  • Use plain language in all communication – with other staff and with clients
  • Not use acronyms
  • Explain medical and other technical terminology
  • Check that information has been understood by your clients
  • Work with a professional interpreter when your clients have low English proficiency
  • Politely point out when your colleagues use jargon

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