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What jargon term annoys you the most? Why?
"Effectuate". As in: "We need to effectuate a change".

Used by jargonists who seem to feel that simple, precise terminology is too revealing of their own simplicity.

"If you need more information Reach Out" - whaaaat!!!!

What happened to, "if you need more information, please contact me/us" or "if you need further assistance, please contact me/us". What's with this "reach out" nonsense!

"Lean in"

Don't we address / discuss / come together to find solutions - I'm over leaning in!!


Whatever happened to good old "normality" ?

"Unarrive". As in: "Pt has unarrived clinic."

Believe it or not, this piece of astonishingly inept Americlish has begun to enter usage in GP clinic admin software, no doubt spurred on by the equally American notion of "Unfriending" people on Facebook. Please don't allow it to take hold here!


Too American

A bit on the Spectrum

saying that a child or adult is a bit on the spectrum? People are either autistic or they are not.


Because it is:
- not a diagnosis
- negative and devaluing
- distracting from the real, and often multi-factorial, reasons why a person may be struggling to manage at home, including underlying medical issues

Acopic (A-Cope-Ick)

Meaning "Not coping, not tolerating well". Very frustrating because it makes a negative assumption about the patient that they are only presenting due to difficulty coping and not because they are actually unwell or needing assistance. It labels the patient before they can be thoroughly assessed and its stigmatising them to be the "anxious type" or "hyperchondriac".


Because many of them are not even familiar to nurses. They are coined by individuals and are not necessarily of common use. We need to remember about 6 out of 10 people in Australia have low or poor health literacy.

active consideration

As opposed to inactive consideration? just say consideration

Anything that is reduced to an acronym

Acronyms are usually only understood by ‘inner circles’ so their use should be limited appropriately.


Because no-one outside of the government understands that means Administration Officers


Not even GPs understand the acronym for Alcohol and other drugs. I have seen websites for community health where "AOD programs" is used rather than "Help with drugs and alcohol"


As a health professional I understand that this means "without symptoms", but for my partner who doesn't have a health background and for whom English is not his first language, it meant that you have "a symptom".

Imagine how different the Covid-19 health information sounded once he learnt that? I often wonder how many other people still don't understand this term, and who have been following an entirely differently set of Covid safety rules as a result (ie, "stay home if you have symptoms, but you can leave the house if you have a (one) symptom".)


Another American term which doesn't mean much elsewhere.


not in regular use


During the height of last horrific Bush-fire season, a Senior Emergency person came forward and announced that he had just checked the "BOM" site.

Anybody hearing that referral to the Weather Report could have assumed he was talking about a bomb attack adding to the already horrible unfolding disaster.

I have a long list - DOCS, FACS, HSIE, COAG, DFAT, ACT, ADF, PDHPE, medical positive/negative results.

Then there's the bonkers term "NEAR-MISS" . Need I explain? Well - I suffered a genuine "near-miss" recently when a driver "rear-ended" or crashed into my car and managed to "write-it-off". THAT WAS A NEAR-MISS, as far as I'm concerned. I'm still chasing him - the bastard drove off!

Brain Storming

Brain Storming is a commonly used term use in Australia for meetings. On the 20th of June 2008 City Councils in UK banned the use of this word as "Brain Storming" is a term associated and a symptom of a specific neurological disease.

Build the plane why flying it

stupid analogy to something that in reality can't be done

What jargon term annoys you the most? Why?
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