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What jargon term annoys you the most? Why?

Unless people are going to actually unpack what this term means on a day to day basis and use language that is more accessible, this term alienates. It is often used by people who want to come across as progressive and really 'with it' but don't really understand what it means and how it's part of the social justice movement.


Because many of them are not even familiar to nurses. They are coined by individuals and are not necessarily of common use. We need to remember about 6 out of 10 people in Australia have low or poor health literacy.


People struggle to pronounce this term, let alone know what it means. Why not say 'distress with breathing' or 'uncomfortable breathing' or 'breathing discomfort'

Someone used C suite recently in an add recruiting a health job

What is that Caesaraian section suite at a hospital, some new hospital department? NO....apparently it relates to executive positions, senior management....ie. CEO/ CFO/ CIO/COO.....more jargon ! Don't like it as it has an elitist feels about it Senior management team/ executive team I understand

Flesh it out

I imagine skin being rolled out like dough

It is What It Is

It is often said to avoid discussion or really expressing how you really feel


not in regular use


It's just a difficult word to understand.


As a health professional I understand that this means "without symptoms", but for my partner who doesn't have a health background and for whom English is not his first language, it meant that you have "a symptom".

Imagine how different the Covid-19 health information sounded once he learnt that? I often wonder how many other people still don't understand this term, and who have been following an entirely differently set of Covid safety rules as a result (ie, "stay home if you have symptoms, but you can leave the house if you have a (one) symptom".)

Anything that is reduced to an acronym

Acronyms are usually only understood by ‘inner circles’ so their use should be limited appropriately.


We should clearly identify who we are talking about, rather than referring to a non-descriptive 'cohort'.


Aren't we all Culturally and Linguistically Diverse People?

And who isn't the 'CALD' when we are delivering services and what to we call them? What/who is the Mainstream?

It (may) creates an Us and Them binary polarity or opposition.


Because it means different things to everyone!

frequent presenter (say to the EmergcenY Department-ED).

Not good use of words, it's more of a label for a patient. Better to write, 'client has represented to ED with...………….'.

non compliant

Because what should be written is 'client has difficulties with......' Staff need to write what they mean.

non compliant

Because what should be written is 'client has difficulties with......' Staff need to write what they mean.

People using US slang and spelling

We're in Australia. We were influenced by the UK.

Moving forward

Over used term that i am not sure that everyone understands the meaning. Some might think moving to where?. In work discussion or meetings, it means to move to next topic or item of discussion now without delay.


Not using the CALD acronym shows respect to culturally diverse individuals and communities and gives people and communities agency and appreciates their diversity and positive contributions to society.


Unknown word- new term

What jargon term annoys you the most? Why?
Displaying 41 - 60 of 99 1 2 3 4 5