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Drop the Jargon Day 2023 Webinar

Teach-back making sure your message reaches your clients

About: Want to refresh your skills on teach-back and plain language?

In this webinar, CEH trainer Andrea will cover how using a method called teach-back can help enhance clients understanding.

Plain language is more than just using simple words. You need to make sure your message is not only heard but understood. Teach-back is an invaluable tool to check for understanding. This webinar will give you the basics and how to effectively make teach-back part of your practice.

Health literacy training

Health literacy is about how people find, understand and use information to make decisions about their health. In recent years, the focus of health literacy has shifted from individual responsibility for understanding complex systems and information, to organisations improving the health environment to match the needs of their consumers.

The Centre for Culture, Ethnicity and Health has been an Australian pioneer and leader in health literacy since 2010, training health and community sector workers about using health literacy to improve their work and the safety and quality of their services. Here is how we can help you and your organisation work better with other cultures and language groups.

Drop the jargon and learn the skills to communicate more effectively.

1. Health Literacy Essentials (HLE) - Online training

A practical and engaging one hour course to help you understand exactly how you and your organisation can reduce the negative impacts of low health literacy. By highlighting the issues caused by low health literacy, and providing fun and engaging activities this course teaches staff to learn the skills to communicate more effectively with consumers, and actually practice the solutions immediately upon completion.

Course Overview: Health Literacy Essentials

2. Online Health Literacy course 2022

Help your organisation make improvements in consumer participation, client communications and make it easier for clients to find and use your organisation. This is our 18th Health Literacy course, keeping the extensively researched, high-quality learning experience our participants know & love.
This mix of eLearning, webinars & online workshops allows for accessibility and flexibility, and, importantly, time for valuable discussions & activities to explore the health literacy fundamentals in self-paced eLearning units.

Course Overview: Blended Health Literacy Course

3. Health Literacy Primer for Managers

A 20 minute introduction to:

  • What Health Literacy is and a timeline of its development
  • Key documents and ideas you can use to address Health Literacy
  • How executives and managers can address Health Literacy
  • How addressing Health Literacy helps you meet accreditation standards

Course Overview:  Primer for Managers

4. Health Literacy Member’s Page

A site where we collaborate and share resources, including CEH webinars with people who nominate an interest in health literacy, language services or cultural competence. Log in at any time and access the recordings.
Join Us:  Exclusive content

5. Training

Practical and specialist training to help your organisation, staff and systems be more responsive to clients from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Our training covers Cultural Competence, Health Literacy, Language Services, Disability and the NDIS and Trauma-Informed Care.

View here: CEH Training